How to Cut a Steel Rod by Using Cutting Machine?

1. The working desk of transport materials should keep the same level with the lower portion of the blades. The length of the table can be determined according to the length of the processing materials.

2. Before the bar cut machine starts to work, please check and make sure that there are no crack on blades and bolt on knife holder is tightened. Insuring that the protective cover is firm.

3. After startup, one free-load running should be conducted to check if various motion parts are normal.

4. When the steel cutting machinery is not up to the normal speed, the material can’t be cut. When cutting, by using the cutter’s middle and lower parts, the operator should put the cutting rod quickly after griping the materials and align the cutting edge. The operator should stand on the side of blade to suppress the steel to prevent others from being hurt by reinforced end.

5. You shouldn’t cut such bar as its diameter and strength are over the parameter limited as well as the red-hot steel. When cutting a plurality of reinforcement at a time, the operator should make sure the total cross-sectional area in a certain range.

6. When cutting short materials, the distance between operator’s hand and machine’s knife should be maintained over 150mm. If the hand side is less than 400mm, you should use casing or jig to press the short side of the bar.

7. When the cutting machines are operating, the operators are prohibited to clear the debris near the cutter directly. They can clear the machine after using it to prolong its service life.

8. When finding the machine not functioning normally and making abnormal noise, the operator should overhaul downtime immediately.

9. After the operation, you should cut off the power and remove the debris between the blades by using steel brush, and then to clean and lubricate the whole machine.

10. Before starting to work, the portable and hydraulic cutter should be tightened the oil drain valve in clockwise direction. After the operation is completed, the machines should be unscrewed in counter-clockwise direction. When the machines are working, the operators should steady the portable bar cutter and wear insulated gloves.

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