Electric Rebar Cutter

Our Ellsen machinery has got excellent accomplishment in the construction industry by supplying a wide range of electric rebar cutter. As we all know, this kind of machine belongs to the portable machines. It is mainly for use to cut off various small size rebar. Under normal conditions, our electric rebar cutters are applied to the construction project which only needs small works, because the manual rebar cutter for sale carries more convenient than the bar cutting machine.

Ellsen cutting machine
Electric rebar cutter for sale

Features of Ellsen electric bar cutter

Our rebar cutters has gained a lot of praises for the following features:

1. Stable performance to make the machine at a better condition
2. Strong cutting ability to guarantee its accuracy
3. Available cutting speed to improve efficiency
4. Convenient to carry
5. High product accuracy
6. Easy to adjust
7. Low noise to leave a good working situation

RC16 electric bar cutters

Ellsen electric rebar cutter
RC16 electric bar cutters

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 850w/900w
Max cutting rebar: 4-16mm
Cutting speed: 2.5-3.0s
Machine weight: 8kg
Gross weight: 13kg
Machine size: 460x270x115mm
Carton size: 510x230x150mm
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RC20 electric rebar cutter

Ellsen cutting machine
RC20 electric rebar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 950w/1350w
Max cutting rebar: 4-20mm
Cutting speed: 3.0-3.5s
Machine weight: 13kg
Gross weight: 18.3kg
Machine size: 410x115x220mm
Carton size: 480x195x280mm
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 RC25 electric rebar cutters

Ellsen cutting machine
RC25 electric rebar cutters

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 1600w/1700w
Max cutting rebar: 4-25mm
Cutting speed: 5s
Machine weight: 24.5kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Machine size: 480x150x255mm
Carton size: 565x230x345mm
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Advantages about our electric rebar cutter for sale:

Since our hydraulic rebar cutter for sale was introduced to the equipment market, it has won trusts from different customers.

First, our electric rebar cutters are composed of high-quality parts. The machine’s body’s materials come from the sturdy iron cast iron which is examined strictly by the related norms. And the other parts are all from the trustful manufacturer.

Second, it has a low weight. The operators can carry it easily to their working place, especially for some occasions that don’t need the large machinery.

Third, the blades are durable. We use quality blades that have strong abrasion resistance. So it will guarantee the hydraulic rebar cutters to have a long cutting life to work efficiency.

Fourth, the blades are easier to replace. After the blades are used for a long time, they will be old and fragile. It is very essential for the operators to change them.

Fifth, it has a superior design. Whether the color or structure, our electric bar cutter all designs according to the popular tendency.

Attentions for electric steel bar cutter

1. Before the steel rebar cutter machine start to work, please clear up the debris around the machine’s blades.

2. Pay attention to the temperature of motor, bearing and bushings. Their temperature can’t be beyond predetermined degrees. If they are exceed the normal temperature, the automatic rebar cutter should be checked.

3. Keep the electric hydraulic rebar cutter machine appearance clean and free from dirt and rust.

4. Once the rebar cutters electric hydraulic machine start to work, the rest of people except the operators should stay away from the material outlet.

Why choose our Ellsen machinery?

We have developed a professional rebar cutter manufacturer in manufacturing and supplying electric steel bar cutter. Since we started to produce this kind of power rebar cutters machine, we has established a dedicated research and development team. The advanced technique and materials all have their appropriate usage.

Our group pays attention to developing the integration of development, production, sales and after-sales service and has its normative employment system and adheres to put customers first. We hold such idea of development that is pragmatic, serious, hard, safe and efficient to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in order to meeting meet their demands. We offers you low rebar cutter price. Don’t hesitate!


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